Wednesday’s event pick: Nerd Nite at the North Door

Edutainers L.B. Deyo, left, preisdent of The Dionysium, Michael Graupmann, center, producer of the Encyclopedia Show, and JC Dwyer, right, "co-boss" of Nerd Nite, at Stephen F's Bar and Terrace on Wed., Jan. 16, 2013. The Encyclopedia Show, Nerd Nite and The Dionysium join forces to make up The Brain Candy Collective, which performs for the first time at Alamo Drafthouse Village on Feb. 6. Ashley Landis for American-Statesman
Ashley Landis for American-Statesman

According to the organizers of the monthly Nerd Nite, it’s like the “backyard wrestling version” of TED Talks. Maybe not so professional, not talking to so large an audience, but fun all around nonetheless. Three people who love to learn lead discussions, drinks in hand, through topics culled from the “ivory towers of academia and the weird basements of geekdom.”

Or, if you want to be more social, speed dating, friend matching and a pop-up library are also available. If these can’t satiate your thirst for knowledge, Tuesday night at the North Door will feature Astronomy on Tap.

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